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Звезда активнаЗвезда активнаЗвезда активнаЗвезда неактивнаЗвезда неактивна

Here you can find all modded kernels.

The numbers are speeds for CPU, GPU, DDR.










It is based on 1.06 with stock clocks, no overvoltage, just less steppings for the speeds.


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Звезда активнаЗвезда активнаЗвезда активнаЗвезда неактивнаЗвезда неактивна

Because the signal strength/speed pf this tablet is not perfect, I decided to replace the antenna.

The stock antenna is just some twisted copper plate and it does the job, but I decided to mod it anyways.

So I did ordered this :

After the modifications the wi-fi signal did improve but not significantly.
The "problem" is the back metal cover/case.
It acts as an Faradey cage
The next mod will be to isolate the back metal closure from the MINUS on the board. I thing that it should do the trick.
Anyways here are the pictures.



Before Soldering After Soldering LAYOUT
solderin before mod soldering after mod mod layout

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Звезда активнаЗвезда активнаЗвезда активнаЗвезда активнаЗвезда активна

Hi all.
First of all I have to say that this tablet is great.
Display, CPU performance, GPU performance, Bright screen, nice design, not bad cameras.
I have to mention also that there are 2 issues. Both of them are RK related not Cube's fault.
1- Not great Wi-Fi coverage
2- Bad NAND handling driver
Since we are waiting so many monts for an Android 4.4 update and there is not such one I decided to port 4.4 form iFive X2. No luck any ways. I did not manage to make it work, because it uses the new loader LOADER 2.10
Anyways then I decided to make MY OWN ROM.
After many test and optimisations, modifications and test with other users from different groups I am releasing the v.2.3 of my rom.
From now on I am going to post my releases here on my site, not the forums, because I am able to update the articles easter and I am not limited in upload size and different things.
FOR NEWS AND UPDATES FOLLOW THIS ARTICLE ONLY. I do not have the time to update the editions in every forum that I write in.
SO SPREAD THE WORD (links to this article) IF YOU LIKE THIS ROM!

OK. what is in v 2.2 (from  v 1 to v 2.2) Again this is Android v 4.2.2 based on stock ROM.

1. Rom based on the 1.04 release. In all my test this release is the fastest one

2. Kernel from 1.06 released with stock CPU, GPU and slight overclock of the RAM. Thanks to PRIMUS for the mod. No over- or under- voltage. Just RAM to 600 Mhz and less stepping for CPU and GPU. For me thats the best behaving kernel and best power usage.

3. PreRooted and SuperSU app for root access

4. Parameter file for 2GB space for user apps. I think we do not need more, because all large apps are able to be installed on SD

5. ! removed some lib .so files, because they contain trojan (ESET and Kaspersky confirmed)

6. Modded build.prop file for EN interface, removed ADB notification, faster scrolling and other minor stuff

7. Removed all china apps/crap

8. Edited some pictures for the rom

9. Minor stuff in adition

10. Last but important working TAKS/APP switching button. No need to go to HOME before switching to recent/other app.

11. Added US Browser HD. JUST TRY IT. You will see a HUGE improve  in the browsing speed and zoom/scroll speeds. Thats because UC does have its own rendering endgine and not using the stock build in in the Android OS. VERY SMOOTH FEEL!

12. Edited Desktop Wallpaper, Boot animation and BOOT logo. Hate the china letters. Not something fancy just slightly modded.

13. For best performance, after install RUN sEFix and set value to 256. Make it run at startup

In addition I am attaching an 7ZIP file with many usefull APKs (programs) inside. For best performance aleast use eFIX-er and UC Browser HD.

I did try to integrate the apps in to the rom but I did not have any siccess. No metter.


NEW!!! Android KitKat 4.4 port for the Cube U39GT

Changes to v0.95:

1.Small changes in ROM

2.Modified parameter file for more user data to 4Gb (because of the usage of ART instead of DALVIK)

3.more minor stuff let to do, but I do not have the time righ now.

Kernel is v1.06 from 4.2 ROM. No Overclock and no Overvolt. Just Less steppings for the speeds. If you want to change it follow the guides in my page.


Changes to v0.9:


1. Added SU APP
2. Removed some stock apps (MiniDog TV and WayTeq)
3. Modded parameter file for 2Gb apps data space
4. Modded build.prop file . More customisations and right model/manufacture input
5. Modded boot animation. Nothing fancy
6. Added ArcTabletTool.apk if you want to flash CWM
7. Luncher is stock one but I recommend installing Nova
8. Kernel is v1.06 from 4.2 ROM. No Overclock and no Overvolt. Just Less steppings for the speeds. If you want to change it follow the guides in my page.

2 be moded later:
Add stock Cube wallpaper
Modd boot animation. Nothing fancy
Other minor stuff
More tweaks to build.prop



1. Download the following tool and ROM

Rockchip Batch Tool v1.7.7z



2. Extract the files and run Rockchip Batch Tool. Select the IMG file whit the ROM

3. Tablet OFF the tablet or just hold the power button for 10 sec.

4. At the same time press the Volume UP button and POWER button.

5. While holding the VOL+and POWER buttons plug USB cable

6. A small 1 sware will change colour in the batch tool. At this time press RESTORE BUTTON on the batch tool (if the 1 square is not green you need to install the flash drivers here)

7. After flash, the tablet will reboot. Let it boot and settle for 2-3 min.

8. Rom is flashed. Now you will see how fast it is

9. Now fiew steps that are RECOMMENDED.

10. Setup and restore all of your apps and profiles.

11. Update all apps, and reboot table.

12. Go in settings and make the following changes:

-WiFi-MORE (3 smal dots) - untick SCANING ALLWAY ENABLE and change Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep to ONLY WHEN PLUGED

-Go to About Tablet and tap consantly over BUILD NUMBER. This way a new entry DEVELOPER OPTIONS will apear.

-Go to DEVELOPER OPTIONS. There make the following changes:

--Tick USB debuging


--AND LAST BUT MORE IMPORTANT (again do it after all is restored) go to SELECT RUNTAME and change the entry form DALVIK to ART. Now the tablet will reboot and will use ART instead of DALVIK

13. To make it faster, install eFIXer app. Run it, set value to 256 and make it apply setting at boot.

14. Do a final REBOOT/RESTART


Again - stay tuned for updates and new releases. SPREAD THE ROM.


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Звезда активнаЗвезда активнаЗвезда активнаЗвезда активнаЗвезда активна

Here you can view/download Cube U39GT disassembly pictures.
The pictures are not perfect, buy they do the job.
Also I am attaching the NAND and DRAM specifications.

SPECS of the used chips




And here are the pictures

IMG 20140701 183117 IMG 20140701 183124 IMG 20140701 183129 IMG 20140701 183134
IMG 20140701 183157 IMG 20140701 183208 IMG 20140701 183214 IMG 20140701 183238
 IMG 20140701 183248  IMG 20140701 183303  IMG 20140701 183310  IMG 20140701 183248
 IMG 20140701 183328  IMG 20140701 183335  IMG 20140701 183400  IMG 20140701 183310


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