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Hi all.

Here you can download all files, roms, tools and other for Cubot ONE cell phone.

I have to mentune that this smartphone have the best android build that I have encountered from and chinase maker.


Here are all the files described with download links:


Flash tool driver:

1. Flashtool driver.7z

Flashtool SP MDT software

2. Flashtool SP MDT software.7z

CUBOT_D1_V0.3_20130716-Stock Firmware

3. CUBOT_D1_V0.3_20130716-Stock Firmware.7z

SD update after Stock Firmware to v of firmware 0.4 + manual. Improve CAMERA

3.1 SD update after Stock Firmware.7z

New MODEM FIRMWARE. Usr it after stock or v0.4 firmware

3.2 Modem Firmware.7z

ROOTing tool to gain ROOT access of stock firmware.

4. ROOT_MTK6589.7z


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